Notice for tourists

July in Chechnya is exceptionally warm and sunny month favourable for travelling: the average temperature during the day is +30. At this time of year there usually are 21-22 sunny days and only 2-3 could be rainy. The water temperature in Kezenoy-Am Lake will reach +20 degrees Celsius, which is a good reason to bring swimming gear with you as well as sunglasses and sunscreen, that you will need straight as you land in Grozny. For what else you may need, see our check-list below.

Comfortable clothes and shoes
Windstopper jacket, sneakers, shorts and t-shirts.
Formal attire
White shirt / cocktail dress with closed shoulders and legs for the official ceremonies of the regatta.
Personal hygiene items and medicine
In accordance to your needs, but don’t forget face and body cream with SPF, sea sickness medicine (if needed).
Passport, visa and cash
You can change money in Grozny. The main currency is Russian Ruble. Also don’t forget your mobile phone charger, camera and other important things.
Preferably sport sunglasses suitable for the mountains